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Unlocking the Secrets to High Performance

What’s holding your organisation back? We have proven methodologies to help you achieve levels of performance not yet imagined.


Our Services

We provide consulting services to organisations to help them unlock the secrets to high performing teams and improved results. Including expert advice on Lean High Performance principles, Leadership Coaching & Development, Asset Management and Project Management.

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Lean High Performance

Educating and coaching leaders and teams on lean methodologies to build a continuous improvement mindset and take performance to the next level. 

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Asset Management 

Helping companies to extract the most value from their assets by analysing and providing expert advice on maintenance, operations and integrity management systems.

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Project Managment

Advising businesses on how to improve and standardise their project management processes in line with recognised best practices. 

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Leadership Coaching & Development

Working with businesses and individuals to build better leaders and an empowered workforce.  


What is Moscarda Solutions?

Moscarda Solutions was pioneered out of a desire to share knowledge attained in over 25 years in the Energy industry, across several senior roles in a variety of disciplines. As an independent consultancy, we have the flexibility to adapt to our customers' needs, whether they require a targeted small-scale approach, or a longer-term assignment. We also have a strong network of trusted collaborators that can be called on for additional support if required. We believe that all businesses, large and small, can benefit from our expertise.

We will service organisations from a broad and diverse range of industries supporting them on their continuous improvement journey. 

Our Vision

Our Impact

We will help people become better leaders building empowered, high performing teams in thriving enterprises.

Our Purpose

Is to help teams achieve a level of performance not yet imagined 


Our Process



The first and most important stage of the process is to understand your needs as the customer. Whether it is about solving a problem or identifying new opportunities, we will work with you to explore the issues and discuss how we can help.



We will give feedback on the discovery phase and provide a formal proposal. We will review it with you to ensure the suggested path forward is in line with your expectations. We can assist your enterprise with developing a change management plan that can be communicated to the team.



We will manage implementation of the solutions as a project, including reporting the progress of deliverables and ensuring quality outcomes.



It is critical for long term success that improvements be sustained. We can assist the enterprise with standardising the improvements and providing further coaching to build a continuous improvement culture. 


Meet Kim Moscarda

I have worked in the Energy industry for over 25 years as an individual contributor and leader across several disciplines, including continuous improvement, asset management and project management. 

I am especially passionate about continuous improvement and believe strongly that Lean principles can be applied to any team in any industry to achieve high levels of performance. Lean methodology can look daunting at first but with my help people can learn the principles and how they relate to their enterprise, setting them on the path to excellence. 

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Our Clients

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Snowy Mountains


Working with Kim and Moscarda Solutions has been a pleasure, the professionalism, commitment and delivery has  exceeded our expectations and my team and I are benefiting greatly. We are at the start of our lean transformation journey and are already seeing the value translated across the organisation.

Snezan Mackic

Managing Director, Pressure Dynamics


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Our Partners

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Want to see how Moscarda Solutions can help you?

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Providing consulting services to leaders to help them unlock the secrets to high performing teams and improved results. Includes expert advice on Lean principles, Leadership Coaching & Development, Asset Management and Project Management

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