Customer Focus

Understanding your customers is critical to the growth and success of your business.

About the Service

In the customer focus phase, we work with the enterprise to map their value chain and identify where they sit in the broader value system (or supply chain).


The individual value and cost drivers are then mapped against the existing management system to understand the core value add processes. These are then used to identify customer requirements and measures of success.


Goals and targets are then put in place aligned with the strategic plan.​

What you can expect:

These are some of the deliverables our clients can expect from the customer focus phase:


  • Identification of core processes and analysis of associated customer requirements including measures of success 

  • Visualisation of the enterprise value chain and broader value system

  • Development of value driver trees

  • Analysis and recommendation of focus areas to build competitive advantage

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Customer Focus consulting topics

Enterprise Value Chain

  • Identifying primary activities

  • Identifying support activities

  • Identifying, standardising and improving associated Core Business Processes

  • Controlling the Value Chain using management systems

Value System

  • Identifying upstream and downstream value chains

  • Identifying opportunities for competitive advantage

  • The process of communication

Customer Requirements

  • Identifying and analysing business outputs, customers, and their associated requirements

  • Identifying measures of success

  • Gathering and analysing customer feedback

  • Understanding and visualising performance 

Competitive Advantage

  • Identifying differentiation opportunities

  • Identifying areas of cost advantage

  • Understanding external factors

  • Understanding competitors

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