For any transformation journey to be successful, it has to start with an understanding of the Purpose, Mission, Vision and Impact of the team or enterprise.

About the service

The transformation journey starts by building an understanding of the Purpose, Mission, Vision and Impact of the team or enterprise. We then use lean methodologies to convert these into a strategic plan for the business. This includes identifying tactical and operational priorities in a structured way, establishing a “golden thread” that links the work that people do to the company vision and goals.

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When a team carries out its mission to serve

its purpose, it will achieve its vision and create the desired impact.


Impact is about the positive difference that the enterprise will make to the broader environment and stakeholders.


An enterprise’s vision is an inspirational statement about where it aspires to be in the future. It tells everyone what future success looks like.


A team’s mission should be about “how” the purpose will be served. It should include statements that describe how the team is adding value, how it is going to make a difference. It should include the desired behaviours associated with serving a purpose.


Purpose is all about “why” the enterprise exists, its reason for being. A truly high performing team is clear about its purpose and every member in the team is personally connected to it.

When individuals connect to team purpose, they understand why they do the work they do each day and are inspired to do it. An inspiring, connected “purpose” then becomes the “North Star” for the team. When things aren’t going well, it can be leveraged to reset the team on the right course. When things are going well, it can be used to celebrate success and build pride in the team.

What you can expect:

These are some of the deliverables our clients can expect from the "Purpose" phase:


  • Purpose, Mission, Vision & Impact statements that communicate the values and direction of the business to stakeholders and potential clients

  • A strategic plan that converts long term goals associated with the vision of the enterprise into medium term priorities and targets for each of the organisational levels

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that represent a "golden thread" linking the work that people do to the company vision and goals.

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Purpose consulting topics

Strategic Planning

  • Converting Purpose, Mission & Vision into strategic goals and improvement priorities

  • Building a golden thread of priorities throughout the organisation

  • Aligning strategic goals and priorities with company values

Tactical Priorities 

  • Converting strategic goals and objectives into tactical plans

  • Identifying measures of success

  • Cascading tactics and measures down through the organisation

Operational Focus

  • Building personal connection to purpose

  • Visualising and managing performance

  • Building an enterprise of problem solvers

  • Establishing and sustaining a mindset of continuous improvement

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