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Moscarda Solutions can help establish great leaders in your organisation through personal development and coaching

About the Service

Unfortunately, a lot of us have had to work with leaders that are one dimensional, finite-minded individuals who have been hired or promoted purely based on results with no regard to behavioural skills. While this may be no fault of the individual, it does becomes a real detriment to team culture and performance in the long term. 

Who would you rate as the best

boss you’ve ever had?

Have you ever had

a good boss?​​​

​Elite sporting teams, and some of the best companies in the world, have recognised that true leadership, coaching, resilience and empowerment is essential to building a high performing team culture and continuous improvement mindset. ​

But leadership skills are not just for those that we report to. Every one of us should develop our skills in the three attributes of good leadership being behavioural skills, strategic skills and results focus. We should do this, not only to benefit our careers, but our personal lives as well.​

Moscarda solutions has the benefit of years of experience both in leadership roles and leadership development. We understand that leadership drives culture and culture drives performance. We have the approaches and models help your people become better leaders and coaches.​

What you can expect

Some of the services we can provide include:


  • One-on-one or group training on effective leadership and coaching

  • Support and guidance on building meaningful personal development plans

  • Team pulse surveys and other templates associated with leadership, coaching and personal development

  • Workplace observations and coaching

  • Facilitated team building exercises

Some of the services 

These are some of the services we offer to our clients through consultations:


  • One-on-one or group training on effective leadership and coaching​

  • Support and guidance on building meaningful personal development plans​

  • Team pulse surveys and other templates associated with leadership, coaching and personal development​

  • Workplace observations​

  • Facilitated team building exercises

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Behavioural Skills

Develops people to their full potential.

Acknowledges people & rewards good performance.

Creates a safe space & respectful feedback.

Results Focus

Task oriented.

Manages Performance.

Achieves results.

Strategic Skills

Set strategic direction.

Maintains purpose, mission and vision of the team.


Team Working

Creating Alignment

Planning & Organising

Skills of a Good Leader

Leadership consulting topics

Building Purpose

  • Developing team purpose aligned to the business strategic goals

  • Connecting team members to purpose

  • Developing the mission and vision for the team

  • Understanding the team's impact on the business, customers and stakeholders

Managing Performance

  • Visual management

  • Managing capacity & demand

  • Problem solving

  • Building effective routines 

  • Standardising to sustain high performance

  • Managing quality

  • Managing risk

Empowering Teams

  • Competency management and personal development

  • Allowing people to do their jobs

  • Maintaining accountability

  • Building willing teams connnected to purpose


  • Building trust and sustainable relationships

  • The power of influence and persuasion

  • Vulnerability and coaching conversations

  • Applying the appropriate leadership style - Directing, Coaching, Supporting, Delegating

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