Operational Excellence

The final phase on the high performance road map is Operational Excellence

About the service

This phase is the most intensive and involves the application of lean methodologies and tools in a structured way to improve business performance in line with the strategic plan.

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Empowered Teams

Continuous Improvement

Managing Performance

It includes three areas of focus:​

  • Managing Performance​

  • Continuous Improvement​

  • Empowered Teams​

Managing Performance – Involves comparing the goals and targets identified in the strategic plan (Voice of the Customer) to the actual performance (Voice of the Process) and addressing the variations. ​

Continuous Improvement – This step focuses on identifying improvement opportunities and managing improvement projects.​

Empowered Teams – This area involves establishing team norms and developing and coaching people so that empowered teams of problem solvers are established and maintained.​

The final phase of the High Performance Model includes working with management to create a plan for sustaining the lean practices including follow up visits for observations and feedback. Potential areas for further application of lean methodologies are also identified in this phase.

What you can expect:

These are some of the deliverables our clients can expect from "Operational Excellence" phase:

  • Training and coaching in continuous improvement methodologies and tools

  • Design of operational excellence "boards" (virtual or manual) and associated routines so that performance is visualised and managed in a way that is consistent with the strategic plan.

  • Facilitation of "empowered team" sessions to help creation of team norms, RACIs, personal development plans and coaching skills 

  • Workplace observations and coaching on effective performance management

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Operational Excellence consulting topics

Continuous Improvement

  • Improvement Methodologies

  • Eliminating Waste

  • Workplace Organisation

  • Process Analysis & Improvement

  • Managing Improvements and Improvement Projects

Managing Performance

  • Measures, Measurement tools and Visual Management

  • Performance Routines

  • Quality Management

  • Risk Management 

  • Problem Solving

  • Capacity & Demand Management

  • Standardisation & Sustainment

Empowered Teams

  • Team Norms

  • Responsibilities & Accountabilities

  • Personal Development

  • Leadership & Coaching

  • Building Continuous Improvement mindsets

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