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Asset Management

The assets of a business, tangible or intangible, are critical to generating value so it is essential that they are looked after.

About the Service

Having a well structured asset management system helps ensure that risks and opportunities are managed effectively to achieve the desired operational performance.​

So how do you build an asset management system?

Where do you start?


Well, you’ll be pleased to know there are existing models and approaches that can be used to build an asset management system, whether the asset is a multi-million dollar mine, or computer software.​

Moscarda Solutions has had the benefit of building and maintaining asset management systems for one of the world’s biggest resource companies. We know what works and what doesn’t and we can fast track your firm’s understanding of best practice asset management methodologies so that you get maximum value from your assets. We can even help you develop your asset management system so that best practice is sustained and improved over time.

What you can expect

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These are some of the services we offer to our clients through consultations:


  • Perform a review of the existing management system to understand and visualize existing framework​

  • Perform a basic gap analysis of existing management system against best practice models including ISO 55001.

  • Develop an integrated management framework specific to the business​ based on core value adding processes and customer requirements

  • Train and coach leaders on application of the standard​

  • Develop current state Roles, Accountabilities, Consultation, Inform (RACI) maps for asset management including role descriptions.​

  • Assist with continuous improvement of management systems​

Asset Management consulting topics

Maintenance Management

  • Maintenance Management system design and master data changes

  • Strategy development

  • Work Instruction development

  • Spares management

  • Cataloguing processes

Management System Review & Analysis

  • Gap analysis of business management systems against best practice models

  • Visualisation of the business value chain as an framework of integrated processes

Operations Management

  • Shutdown Management

  • Work Management

  • Workpack development
  • Planning processes
  • Inventory and warehouse management

Integrity Management

  • Management of Critical Equipment

  • Performance Standard development

  • Verification schemes

  • Risk Management

  • Monitoring, Measurement, surveillance and reporting

Handling Difficult Customers

  • Identify with the customer

  • Show empathy

  • Listen to understand and clarify

  • Demonstrate helpfulness

  • Ask questions

  • Align with their objectives

  • Exhibit professionalism

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