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Moscarda Solutions was pioneered to share knowledge attained in over 25 years in the Energy industry across several senior roles in a variety of disciplines. As an independent consultancy, we have the flexibility to adapt to our customers’ needs, whether they require a targeted small-scale approach, or a longer-term assignment. We also have a strong network of trusted collaborators that can be called on for additional support if required. 

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Years Experience

Having achieved success both as an individual contributor and leader in high paced operational environments we can empathise with our clients and quickly understand their needs.


Successful Projects

A proven track record of managing successful projects, both large and small, means that we can confidently advise our clients on best practices.


Major Lean Deployment

Having deployed Lean to an energy company across field teams and knowledge workers from multiple disciplines, we know what it takes to succeed.


Facilitated Sessions

Using our own content and presentations, we are able to train and coach leaders and teams in lean methodologies and project management practices.

How we work

We follow a four step process with all of our clients which includes "Discovery", "Plan", "Implement" and "Sustain" phases of work.


However, unlike some other consultants, we don't just help develop an action plan that ends up sitting on a shelf gathering dust. We recognise that our clients may be busy working "in the business" dealing with day to day operations. We leverage our own operational experience to help develop the solutions the business requires and then we work with the client to standardise, embed and sustain them.


In this way we can help our clients work "on the business" so that their long term vision and goals are translated into tactical and operational priorities.

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For more information check out the Process section.


Kim Moscarda

I have worked in the Energy industry for over 25 years and have been in many different roles spanning across several disciplines, including asset management, project management and continuous improvement. 

I am especially passionate about continuous improvement and believe strongly that Lean principles can be applied to any team in any industry to achieve higher levels of performance.


Lean methodology can look daunting at first but I can help people understand the principles and how best to apply them to their enterprise so that they are set on the path to high performance. 

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Phone:     +61 417 918 890

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Providing consulting services to leaders to help them unlock the secrets to high performing teams and improved results. Includes expert advice on Lean principles, Leadership Coaching & Development, Asset Management and Project Management

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