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Moscarda Solutions can help you establish project management methodologies and standards to ensure projects are executed in a
professional way as the business grows

About the Service

As a business grows, quite often managers find themselves bogged down in the day to day operations, with no time to think about strategic issues and future goals. Worse still, at a tactical level, they find it harder to manage performance and emerging priorities.​

When a new challenge comes along, which is a one off or requires a unique effort, this is what we call a "project". Business owners may find themselves struggling with the right approach. There is a big difference between projects and routine day to day operations, and if you don’t have the right methodologies to manage these emerging projects, you may find your business spinning out of control.​


So what does it take to manage a project?


You may think that it is a complex process that requires specialist expertise but the reality is there are existing models and approaches that can be used to manage any project, from organising a wedding to managing a multi million dollar mine construction.​

Moscarda Solutions has had the benefit of managing many projects, large and small for one of the world’s biggest resource companies. We know what works and what doesn’t and we can fast track your firm’s understanding of best practice project management methodologies so that projects are executed in a professional way as the business grows. We can even help you develop your project management standards so that best practice is sustained and improved over time.


Project Manager / Supervisors:

Owners / Managers:

  • Long term strategic planning

  • What do we do?

  • Who are our customers?

  • What is our competitive advantage?

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Oversee short term improvement priorities to achieve the strategic plan

  • Performance management and visualization

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Goals, KPIs, Metrics

Information, Results, Improvement Opportunities


  • Execution of day-to-day activities

  • Problem solving

  • Reporting

Adapted from Anthony, R, 1965, “Planning and control systems: A framework for analysis”, Division of Research, Graduate School of Business​.

What you can expect

Some of the services we can provide include:


  • Perform a review of the existing management system documents to understand and visualise existing framework including project management related procedures​

  • Perform a basic gap analysis of existing management system against best practice models​

  • Develop a project management standard specific to the business​

  • Train and coach individuals and teams on application of the standard​

  • Develop current state Roles, Accountabilities, Consultation, Inform (RACI) maps for project management including role descriptions.​

  • Design project boards to visualise ideation, management of improvement projects and problem solving.​

Project Management consulting topics

Project Management Methodologies

  • Project management best practices

  • Practical application of project management methodologies

  • Scaled to suit the business

Project Management Standards

  • Standardisation of project management processes in line with best practice methodologies

  • Documentation including creation of procedures and templates for project management documents

Managing Performance

  • Scope, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Risk

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Visualisation techniques & Performance Board designs

  • Change control


  • Project Management Knowledge Areas

  • Project Manager competency profiling

  • Competency Assessment mechanisms

  • Coaching

  • Mentorship

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