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The Importance of Management Systems

For too long now, too many of us have thought of Management Systems as a bunch of documents that literally sit on a shelf and gather dust. There just to tick a box on some ISO audit, or to drag out and dust off if the regulator visits. Meanwhile we execute business processes based on what we know or how the other person did it, unchecked without any meaningful improvement, until the worst happens, an incident, an injury, a death, a devastated family.

What if we understood that Management Systems are there to control our business value chain, protect our assets, our people and the environment that we work in. What if, instead of working in silos, departments know where they sit in the value chain and how important it is to set the next team up for success when "handing over the baton". What if we empowered our teams to own their core business processes and be accountable for their continuous improvement?

Sounds like a dream? No, it's possible, it can be done and it has been done, by the most successful companies in the world. It's an extension of the continuous improvement mindset into our value chains and it has the potential to transform business performance. To find out more, contact Kim at Moscarda Solutions.

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