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Some of the greatest lessons I have learnt in life have come from sport. My personal values have been forged on sporting fields for over 40 years. Leadership, resilience, commitment, courage, fortitude, these are just some of the values that I hold dear and that have shaped my approach to life. I have been lucky enough to be part of several championship winning teams and there is nothing like that feeling of winning the grand final after a season of hard work. I cherish the memories I share with my teammates past and present and the friendships I have formed along the way.

For me, teams at work are no different. To achieve high performance, every individual needs to be personally connected to the team purpose and have very clear goals. They need to be empowered to succeed, that is, they are willing, able, accountable and allowed to do their job. And the team environment needs to be a safe one, where people can be challenged, but always with respect and dignity. Finally, and most importantly, success should be celebrated so that the team will want more, and high performance becomes the expectation rather than the exception.

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